Type: converting conventional lighting to LED lighting

  Products used: EYE 16

  Industry: aerospace MRO

  Ceiling height: up to 14 meters


Having celebrated its centenary on 29th June 2018, OGMA - Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal, SA.  is today a very important worldwide player in the aerospace MRO and manufacturing business.

Since 2015, OGMA has been implementing in partnership with LEDability, as part of the modernization of its aeronautical maintenance hangars and under the highest quality standards, the conversion of 400W metal halide luminaires by our EYE model incorporated with DALI control system. This conversion achieved efficiency levels above 70% enhancing at the same time distribution and uniformity in their lighting conditions that are utmost important for the execution of precision work performed in the maintenance of aircrafts.


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