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Our products integrate the majority of the standard protocols for lighting control, namely the robust and worldwide used DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol, U6Me2, PLC (Power Line Carrier using exclusive Tridonic Ready2Mains technology) and Wireless Mesh network based on Bluetooth.

The light control system, to be supplied by Ledability and installed and commissioned by reference partners, includes adequate interfaces to allow incorporating smart sensors and local physical interfaces to foster a intelligent control of overall lighting system.

These interfaces allow real time luminance control of individual or group of luminaires (user defined) from physical interfaces (sensors, push buttons) or authorized smartphone/tablet using dedicated APP (Android or iOS).

Additionally, a web browser platform is available for operational planning and asset management for maintenance support with the following functionalities:

  • Scheduling of luminaires (global, group or individual)

  • Single or group set-points for luminaires (recall max, off, dimming)

  • Definition of target efficiency for luminaires (global, group or individual)

  • Definition of Logical Areas for zone control above the physical area

  • Statistic tools for energy usage

  • Event management System (malfunction, communication failures, strange events, etc.)

  • Instantaneous power measurement

  • Data export in CSV format for analytic treatment

  • WIFI interface (optional) through mobile APP (IOS and Android) that connects to the Gateway using IEEE Standard 802.11h, with DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection)

This system will provide a tailor made solution for each and every installation, using the right amount of light where and when needed.

We design and manufacture LED lighting for industrial environments, bearing in mind our customers' needs.

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